Financial Management for Farriers

How much do I actually earn per hour/per month?
How are my costs apportioned?

The Calculation Aid for farriers simulates your income by altering the default data.
The various calculations that you can perform give you a good insight into the costs and benefits of your business.

You can, for example, easily gain valuable insight into the effect that a change of price or change to your client list could have on your income.

The model contains standard data consisting of average values applicable in our market. You can adjust these values in accordance with your own judgements and in conformity with your own practices. Pay careful attention to costs such as pension insurance, as these are heavily dependent on your own situation.

There is a variety of different variables, including, but not restricted to:

- The sort of work that you carry out, such as shoeing, trimming only, 2 shoes only
- The necessary time and tariffs
- The cost of materials
- Travelling costs
- Insurance

After you have entered this data into the model, you perform the calculations.
The model will then display:
- Profit per horse
- Hourly income
- Percentage distribution of material costs
- Percentage distribution of all costs
- Monthly income

You can recalculate the results by adjusting the data, and if desired, you can print the results out.

The Calculation Aid is exclusively available to registered farriers.


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Entry of data into the Calculation Aid is completely anonymous and we do not save any data.

The Calculation Aid has been formulated as carefully and completely as possible, although no rights can be derived from the results.